How to Submit – Humanistic Textbook Series

We are currently actively seeking manuscripts for our Humanistic Textbook Series

Using the form below, please upload a prospectus complete with all of the following:

  1. Prior to submitting the manuscript, please review UPP’s manuscript preparation guidelines and assure that your manuscript has been prepared in accordance with these guidelines.
  2. Cover letter introducing your book and why you are submitting to University Professors Press.
  3. Brief overview of the book, the format of the book, and the book’s purpose.
  4. The overview of the book should clarify if this would be a undergraduate or graduate text and whether it is being designed as a primary or supplementary textbook. The specific course or courses it is being designed for use with should be clearly identified.
  5. A minimum of 2 completed chapters or the full manuscript. Note: Manuscripts must be in good APA style (6th edition) to be considered. In particular, be sure you citations, references, and headings are complete and accurate. If it is noticed that the APA style is not adequate, the proposal may not be reviewed.
  6. A completed table of contents with chapter descriptions.
  7. List of anticipated images with description or include the images. Note: We typically will only consider including color images if they are necessary for the book. Color images increase the price of the book and are taken into consideration pertaining to whether the book is accepted.
  8. Description of the intended audience.
  9. Discussion of similar books in the field that may be competitors, including what makes this book unique.
  10. Marketing recommendations to reach the intended audience (recommended, but not required, for inclusion).
  11. Full vita of the Author(s)/Editor(s) of the book with complete contact information.

Prospectus Upload

All fields below are required. Please ensure your prospectus is complete and in one of the following formats: Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx), Apple Pages (.pages), or Adobe PDF (.pdf). Thank you!
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