Manuscript Preparation

The University Professors Press (UPP) is an academic press whose primary mission is to publish scholarly works. We also publish select poetry and fiction relevant to the field of professional psychology and select books intended for a general audience interested in psychology. If you are planning to submit a manuscript to University Professors Press, please review the following guidelines.

  1. Manuscripts must be submitted in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx).
  2. UPP requires that manuscripts follow the guidelines in the Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association (6th ed.) with select minor variations noted below.
  3. Please keep in mind that the APA style manual was designed for publication of research articles, primarily quantitative research articles. There will naturally be some necessary variations in style and tone when writing a book.
  4. Use one space after a period in your manuscript (APA style, 6th ed., requires two).
  5. Use the first person sparingly and restrict its use to referring to the author(s) of the book.
  6. Avoid unnecessary special formatting. This can create errors when the document is opened on different computers or different versions of Microsoft Word. Background formatting is often introduced to a document when information is cut and pasted from other documents, particularly from web browsers. Therefore, it is best to avoid cutting and pasting from the Internet or documents from programs other than Microsoft Word.
  7. Do not use programs that auto-populate the reference citations and references in the document submitted. These often create errors and can be difficult to edit.
  8. Prior to submission, please review your document carefully to make sure that all references are included and that all references in the reference section are cited in the manuscript. In addition, please use the same format for all references. Correcting the reference section can be one of the most time-consuming and expensive aspects of the copyediting process.
  9. Please do not include a running head or page numbers in your document; these will be added during the manuscript preparation process.