New Release — Stay Awhile: Poetic Narratives on Multiculturalism & Diversity

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Stay Awhile: Multicultural Perspective on Multiculturalism & Diversity
by Louis Hoffman & Nathaniel Granger, Jr.

The struggle to understand our differences is real! Likewise, “real” is the stirring collection of poems in Stay Awhile: Poetic Narratives on Multiculturalism and Diversity that enlightens, enlivens, and entertains. As Hoffman and Granger so eloquently state in their introduction, poetry is a sacred healing art that has been shared across many cultures throughout history. It is in this sharing that empathy is fostered, the struggle to understand our differences assuaged, and we appreciate how such a collection of poems bears witness to our shared humanity. Although Stay Awhile is a beautiful collection for personal enjoyment, reflection, and growth, from the Introduction, which serves to frame many of the lessons emergent from the poems, and the Appendix, which contains several activities to help utilize the poems, this book of poetry has immense efficacy in classrooms and group discussions. For those who choose to read and “stay awhile” with this collection, they are certain to be touched through the honest and thoughtful portrayals represented in each poem.

Read more about the contributors to Stay Awhile and the Poetry, Healing, and Growth Series here.

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