New UPP Book Series: Poetry, Healing, and Growth

The University Professors Press is proud to announce the development of a new book series on Poetry, Healing, and Growth. This book series will include a variety of poetry books that integrate a psychological perspective and focus on healing and growth. The types of books we will be looking for in this series include:

  1. Theory and Application Books: These books will focus on the theory and application relevant to integrating poetry into the healing and growth process. While this may include books focusing on integrating poetry into therapy and counseling, we are open to submissions focusing on utilizing poetry on healing and growth in a variety of settings.
  2. Poetry Books set in a Psychological Context: The primary content of these books will be original poetry; however, we will not consider books that are solely books of poetry. The poetry books should include additional content that clarifies the psychological context and application. For example, these books may include an introduction to the book or an introduction to different sections of the book that discusses the psychological theory and applications with the poems. UPP previous books, Stay Awhile and Capturing Shadows, can serve as good models for possible poetry books. Individuals submitting proposals for this type of book are encouraged to consult with our editors prior to submitting a prospectus.

We are currently in the process of finalizing our series editors for this books series.

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