The Buddha, the Bike, the Couch, and the Circle: A Festschrift for Dr. Robert Unger

Unger Book - Cover

From the tenements of the Bronx to the Southern California Desert and the hills of Berkeley, back to the Manhattan world of psychoanalysis, and finally landing in the foothills of Boulder, the journey of Bob Unger has traveled through changing times, landscapes and roles. As psychoanalyst, teacher and mentor, he has helped launch thousands of clients and students on their own voyages. As a father, son, husband, and friend he has helped to build communities and groups of interconnection and aliveness spanning decades. This is a moving collection that captures the complexity of the full range of human feelings. In addition to the brilliance and humor familiar to all who know Bob, there are countless clinical gems here, as well as real life wisdom about relationships, parenting, marriage, and personal and professional growth. This book brings together over one hundred anecdotes, teaching stories and essays on every conceivable aspect of the clinical and human experience, a detailed interview about Bob’s life and work, and a reprinting of some of his essential writings. A festschrift is a tribute to a scholar or person of eminence who has contributed much to his field and communities. This book is testament to the transformative power of Buddhism, cycling, psychoanalysis, and group psychotherapy when practiced with discipline and love.